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Organization: Learning Rx


10350 Bandera Rd, Ste 130
San Antonio, TX 78250

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Program Description:

Lift-off is Learning Rx's early-start cognitive training program. Lift-off is designed to build life-long cognitive strength in preschool through first grade students. Strong skills translate into successful learning for life.


Mission: Learning Rx provides cognitive skills training that empowers anyone of any age to learn faster and easier. Learning Rx identifies and strengthens the skills behind how students learn. We provide testing and life-changing one-on-one training for students of all ages who desire to learn and read better for life.
Ages: 3-6
Who is eligible to receive services through this program?: Preschool through First Grade students.
Where does this program provide services?: This program is provided at both our Northeast and Northwest locations
Do clients pay for services?: Yes
How are fees determined?: Fees are fixed based on program determination based on assessment results.
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