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TEAMability - Parent Forum

Organization: TEAMability, Inc.


1711 North Trinity
San Antonio, TX 78201

Website Address: Website Title
Program Description:

TEAMability facilitates a Parent Forum for parents/families of children with severe, combined disabilities. The Forum offers families the opportunity to share information, address common issues and act as a united voice for children with severe multiple disabilities.


Mission: Our mission is to provide opportunities for children with severe combined disabilities (cognitive, physical, sensory and communication) to participate actively in life’s activities at home, at school, and in the community AND to convey widespread understanding of the unique needs of this population to teachers, caregivers and the community.
Ages: 0-22
Who is eligible to receive services through this program?: ny parent/family with a child with severe, multiple disabilities may participate in the Parent Forum.
Where does this program provide services?: Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every other month at the TEAMAbility Learning Center.
Do clients pay for services?: No
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